Welcome to Ricochet Bulldogges!  Family owned and operated. We began this exciting journey in 2011 .  So much has been learned along the way. With time, research and amazing mentors we have been blessed with our breeding program and are looking forward to our future.


It is our dedication to improve our dogs to the highest quality possible; which in return we will do our part for the breed.  We maintain breed standard on ALL of our dogges.  Let me make it very clear that we are NOT producing English Bulldogges, and we do not breed according to the latest fads. We want to better the Olde English Bulldogge Breed because it has brought so much joy and love to our lives.


  Our focus is breeding to standard, sound temperament, big boned and big headed bulldogges.  Olde English Bulldogges are protective, loyal, and want to know that they are loved.


We want our dogs to be recognized as Oldies and nothing else!  We connect with our owners and love to watch our puppies grow up and enrich the lives of others.  All of our breeding stock are health temperament and structurally evaluated so that we are able to produce the best dogges possible. 


I am on call 24/7  for my clients questions or advice when it comes to their new dogge.  Thank you for taking the time to find out about Ricochet Bulldogges.


~ Tami  

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The Reason Behind the Design of the Bulldog~
The design of the bulldog was selective and deliberate in order to obtain the ultimate canine athlete. The bulldogs jaw was specifically designed to have an undershot bite to get a good grip and hold, as well as poses powerful shredding abilities....
The jaw itself had prominently developed cheek muscles giving the mouth strength like a vice grip, to be able to withstand harsh rebuttal while latched onto its prey.
Wrinkles worked to form channels for blood to run through and away from the dogs eyes and nostrils, this enabled the dog to be more efficient in his onslaught without obstruction.
The nose was set back into the skull to enable the dog to breathe while latched onto a thick piece of hide.
Jowls, flews and loose skin around the mouth, throat and neck helped to protect sensitive areas on the dog, It also aided to block the airway of the beast should the dog latch onto the beasts nose.
The smaller narrower rear end was designed to withstand harsh punishment from being whipped and thrown around without getting spinal injuries.
Short thick legs with well knuckled feet allowed for fast quick strikes from a crouched position, enabling the dog to maneuver in stealth like positions to be able to creep up to attack.
A large barrel body and girth in rib with a thickly muscled neck and shoulder protected the dog from when being thrown down and stomped upon by an infuriated bull or bear.
The dogs temperament and character was tenacious, unwavering courageousness, fearless and vicious yet loyal to his master who he served steadfastly for In the sport of BullBaiting, one or more dogs were set upon a staked bull, the purpose to "worry" the beast and to grab hold of the beast weakening its resistance until it faltered, rendering it baited.
A bulldog bred well would naturally make for the bovines nose and latch without letting go, this was termed "pinning the hull".
Although Olde Bulldogges are not used for bull baiting, or bear baiting, their makeup should not be forsaken. Each part of their body has a unique design and purpose. We do not want to lose their function. We are striving for more active, family oriented, possible personal protection, loyal, and not aggressive but prepared dogs.