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1st  let me say that my family and I 100% love the newest member of our family and knew from the 1st time we laid eyes on him that he was going to be a perfect addition to our family. My wife Jessica and I had been talking about getting a puppy for a few months and we had been looking online at many OEB puppies and came across Texas Pride we gave them a call and the next day went to see the pups. We fell in love with Monte as soon as we saw him he couldn’t even walk yet and to top it off he pretty much gave us a clear sign that he belonged in our family by giving my wife a little poop in her hand…..way to cute…….we decided on Monte that afternoon and couldn’t wait to have him come home. Over the next several weeks we got wonderful updates when they went to the vet and lots of pictures of our newest family member. Once the vet had cleared the puppies to go to their new home Tami called us and let us know our boy was ready and my wife went and picked him up. We took him to our vet that we have used for 15 years and he gave him a great bill of health and said that he was a very good looking dog and wanted to keep him for himself…..He is more than we could have asked for great temperament fun loving and playful just like a growing pup should be he is also very smart and fearless at heart has a wonderful disposition and very very friendly. We couldn’t have pick out a more wonderful puppy if we tried. Monte came to us up to date on his shots and with his papers. Thank you guys so much for bringing the mommy and daddy together and for such a wonderful puppy. We are so very glad we found you guys and right in our own back yard would tell anyone thinking about getting a OEB to come to Texas Pride 1st if you want a wonderful new member of your family…..


Thanks so much for Mr. Monte

The Carter’s

MONTE CARTER                    


Just wanted to stop by and tell you how pleased we are with Lucy (formerly known as Boo) and in her transition to our home and beyond. Our lives have changed in so many ways since Lucy has made it to our home. She has me wrapped around that lil nub of hers. I have never spent one on one time alone with this breed. I am honored to be her mentor, mama, and best friend as she looks up to us in her journey called "The Good Life." Lucy has such a great personality and is eager to learn. She is so playful as she is chill. Just in one week alone she has mastered the crate in a sense of her own lil paradise. She knows it's a welcoming place, her own space and she loves it. Lucy is training this week and is on the leash to and from, in and out of our home and in travel. Lucy was unsure of it at first so I just let her lead the way with it on the ground. She figured out quickly that there was no harm in this little leash and is already at my side in stride! Thank you for all the tips, the packet with all the great information and all the little questions in between. She is heaven sent, we love our lil angel and are so proud to be owners of a Ricochet Bullldogge!!!


Thanks, with lotsa love Jessy, Danny & Lucy 10/7/14

Pepper Leatherwood

We have had many breeds of dogs in our lives, but my husband has always wanted a bully. This "wish" finally came together when our son bought one for his dad. He adores her to the moon and back. She is from Ricochet Bulldogges owned by Tami and Scott Amen. They are very respectful and loyal to their clients and are very involved in the welfare of all the pups they bring into the world. This breed is super loyal, smart, and total cuddle bugs. So honored to be part of this journey. We now have 5 in the family!


Wendy Leatherwood and family

“Let me tell you about our beloved Old English Bulldogge Ricochet’s Talullah! (Lula to the rest of us) My wife and I have 2 small children ages 3 ½ and 18 months. We live in a small house with a decent sized yard. We wanted to find a dog could withstand the attentions of 2 “aggressively affectionate” children, play outside with us, and behave with some manner of discipline in the house. After calling multiple breeders I found Tami at Ricochet. From the time we began talking to this day over six months later, I have never regretted my decision to business with Tami. For every question I asked, I received a detailed and thorough answer with excellent follow up questions. Tami was knowledgeable and most importantly as invested in the home that would be provided for her puppy as I was. I have sent Tami hundreds of text with questions an updates, and she has always been available to me. Lula is amazing with my children. She is vigilant and attentive playmate and near infinitely patient with my children. She was easily housebroken, and is truly a joy to have. I cannot possibly recommend Ricochet and Tami more highly.”  Jason and Family


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